[Chicago-talk] help with Reg Exp, pls...

Walter Torres walter at torres.ws
Tue Dec 16 13:18:28 CST 2003

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> Does your 99.99% include japanese, chinese, or russian
> individuals?

no sir. They do not use Roman based characters.

> If so then you probably have to deal with
> UTF in some form, at which point all best on what is
> "reasonable" are off. If you restrict the names to
> ASCII it works but then you reject all of the UTF8 accent's
> shown in the example.
> The simplest fix -- given that you may need to regex UTF
> describing a name in any obscure language -- may be to just
> use a check for [:isprint:] and be done with it: anything
> that is not a printing character is probably not something
> you want to deal with. It would also probably make sense
> to use "join ' ', split" to strip extra whitespace and
> convert all of it so singleton spaces.

Yes, that could work.



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