[Chicago-talk] Problem with installing DBI.pm under SCO

Steven Lembark lembark at wrkhors.com
Mon Dec 15 17:55:07 CST 2003

-- Emil Janev <ejanev2 at yahoo.com>

>> Why not upgrade your perl version?
> Thanks for the proposal.
> I am considering this option. In this moment I am restricted in time that
> I can dedicate to it, but I am looking forward to acomplish that.
> It will be big step for me to build perl from source (I am poor in such
> expirience.). I suppose I'll have more questions when I am on that.

Given a prefix, you can take a first-pass at it via:

	gzip -dc perl-blah.tar.gz | cpio -idv;

	cd perl-blah;

	./Configure -de -Dprefix=/your/path/here;

	make test install;

You'll be stuck with all of the defaults other than the
prefix, but you don't need to be SU to try it and the
make test'll probably succeed. At that point either fix
any problems in the baseline install or wander through
the README to get more items you can configure from the
command line of Configure.

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