[Chicago-talk] help with Reg Exp, pls...

Walter Torres walter at torres.ws
Mon Dec 15 12:55:15 CST 2003

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> Somehow, I don't think you mean that.

Your right.

> What *do* you mean?

I want to squeal if invalid characters are given as a name.

> Creating a regex by example is almost always the wrong way.
> Give us rules.

Yes, I gave rules 2 posts ago.

I hope they are enough.

> And, for any rule that you come up with about a name, I bet I can find
> a name that violates the rule.

If anyone on this planet can, you could.

>  So the real question is, why do you care?

I care because I don't want anyone to give me...

  Walte4 &ore3

as a name.

And this is part of a GPG-based app and we need it for security options.

This will be part of the email section (later).

That's why I care.


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