[Chicago-talk] Re: postgres and COPY statements

Jim Thomason jthomasoniii at yahoo.com
Thu Dec 11 17:04:16 CST 2003

What an ever-lovin' pain in the ass. But I finally
tracked it down and figured it out.

After a lot of searching, tons of testing,
iterations,ideas, dead-ends, etc., I managed to track
down a page off of google groups in Japanese (I think,
I'm not exactly up on my asian languages).

Fortunately, perl is perl, and it was still readable.
It also referenced a little function I'd never seen
before that proved to be the solution.


So the full thing for me becomes:

foreach (@insert) {
  my $ret = $dbh->func($_, 'putline');
  print "INSERT ($ret) $_";

my $r = $dbh->func("\\.\n", 'putline'); 

And it runs like a dream. At this point, it didn't
shave a lot of runtime off of my test file (since I'm
caching other values like mad), but it still brought
the time down from 1m30s to 1m10s and it should have a
bigger effect on files that require more database

that 'endcopy' does exist in DBD::Pg (in Pg.xs,
large_obhect.h and large_object.c) but is utterly
undocumented anywhere in DBD::Pg. Doesn't appear to be
part of DBI, either, so it's not there.

What a pain in the ass. An utterly vital component,
and no reference to it whatsoever. It's incidents like
this that turn people off to open source.

Document your code!


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