[Chicago-talk] UML2Perl?

petemar1 petemar1 at perlmonk.org
Sun Dec 7 16:37:15 CST 2003

"O great sage, some of us are still mastering the art."

I'm still figuring out how to write an OOPerl interface, implement it and
instatiate the implementation as an object in and app, if that's even
possible or necessary.

Once I grok that, then I can worry about a dia2code plugin that exports
runnable, sensible (Perl that looks like Perl) perlcode.

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> http://dia2code.sourceforge.net/

Dia saves it s output as XML to begin with and Perl has
good enough XML support that you should be able to construct
the basics -- mostly package and method names -- directly
from the dia output. Data structures in Perlare fluid enough
to leave that portion striaghtforward also.

So, why not just plug a Perl compnent into dia2code?

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