[Chicago-talk] members page

Ed Summers ehs at pobox.com
Wed Dec 3 15:52:03 CST 2003

It was great to see all the new people at the meeting last night. Andy
had a good idea of updating the members page [1] to include any CPAN
modules, or other projects (Sourceforge,etc) that you may be involved in.

I know that some names are just not listed. If you don't see your name please 
email me your name and optionally your workplace, projects and/or interests.

Steven's talk on the debugger is now up the website. If you couldn't make
it last night a vote determined that Andy Lester will be talking in January 
about building CPAN distributions. Details to follow.

More good news is that Jonathan (aka hachi) confirmed in #perl [2,3] that he 
will be able to talk about POE [4] in Feb, 2004.


[1] http://chicago.pm.org/members.html
[2] #perl on irc.perl.org
[3] http://pound.perl.org/
[4] http://poe.perl.org

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