[Chicago-talk] specifying 2 variables as 1 hash key

Dooley, Michael Dooley.Michael at con-way.com
Wed Dec 3 14:06:15 CST 2003

thanks for the suggestions:
1) please forgive my sloppiness I am trying to learn as I go (using
practical examples) so my technique is poor.
but this is what I have for my script so far.

2) if you have any suggestions it would be much appreciated provided they
are not way over my head.

this is a super ruff draft.
just getting one section to work at a time then stringing them together as I

[qgatu003]/export/home/mxdooley/mbi_script$cat dfh
Qdfh1txt="dfh file 1"
Qdfh2txt="dfh file 2"
Qdfh3txt="dfh file 3"

[qgatu003]/export/home/mxdooley/mbi_script$ls files/
Qdfh1.txt.000  Qdfh2.txt.000

--- PERL CODE ---
#! /usr/bin/perl -w
# Purpose:
#1) to get a complete file list of inbound EDI Files
#2) Find correct DFH
#3) submit DFH+FILE to application
#4) archive file for backup

use strict;

open (DFH_FILE, "./dfh") or die "Can not read file ($!)";

my ($dfhtype,$dfh,%dfhhash);
foreach (<DFH_FILE>) {
($dfhtype, $dfh) = split(/=/, $_);

my (@files);
my ($file);
foreach $file (@files) {

        open (EDI_FILE, "$file") or die "Can not read file ($!)";
        open (ES_CLIENT, "|/usr/synthium/sun4.Solaris/bin/es_client -o
testing -t mail");

        my ($client_code,$filetype);
        ($client_code, $filetype) = split(/\./, $file);
        print ES_CLIENT $dfhhash{$client_code . $filetype},"\n";
        while (<EDI_FILE>) {
                print ES_CLIENT "$_\n";
        close ES_CLIENT;
        close EDI_FILE;

--- EOF ---

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