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> Hello,
> We have been changing things around here at O'Reilly as you might have
> noticed when you go to http://www.oreilly.com/. In an effort to catch up
> and get ahead a little, I have listed all the books we have released
> from the last newsletter until today. There are 24 books on this list. 
> I think that is a record. Thanks for your help as always!
> Marsee
> ================================================================
> O'Reilly UG Program News--Just for User Group Leaders
> October 25, 2005
> ================================================================
> -Looking for SIGs--Photoshop, Small or Home Office, Quicken or
>   Quickbooks, or Filemaker
> -Slashdot reviewer needed for Mapping Hacks--Can you help?
> -Looking for feedback on O'Reilly Learning Labs Courses
> -Web Site or Newsletter Content available from O'Reilly
> -Promotional Material Available
> -Safari Affiliate Program for User Groups
> ----------------------------------------------------------------
> Book Info
> ----------------------------------------------------------------
> ***Review Books are Available 
> Copies of our books are available for your members to review--
> send me an email and please include the book's ISBN number on 
> your request. Let me know if you need your book by a certain date. 
> Allow at least four weeks for shipping. 
> ***Please Send Copies of Your Book Reviews
> Email me a copy of your newsletter or book review.
> For tips and suggestions on writing book reviews, go to:
> http://ug.oreilly.com/bookreviews.html
> ***Discount Information
> Don't forget to remind your members about the 30% discount on 
> O'Reilly, No Starch, Paraglyph, PC Publishing, Pragmatic Bookshelf, 
> SitePoint, and Syngress books. Just use code DSUG.
> ***Group Purchases with Better Discounts are Available
> Please let me know if you are interested and I can put you in 
> touch with our sales department.
> ----------------------------------------------------------------
> General News or Inquiries
> ----------------------------------------------------------------
> ***Do you have a Photoshop, home or small office, Quicken, Quickbooks,
> or Filemaker SIG? Let me know and we can send them some books to use.
> ***Looking for a Slashdot reviewer for "Mapping Hacks." Let
> me know if your interested.
> ***Have you are your members taken courses through the O'Reilly Learning
> Lab? Send me an email and share your experiences with us. 
> ***Looking for Web Site or Newsletter Content?
> Web site and newsletter editors--you can use the sample chapters or
> sample hacks we provide online for your group's web site or newsletter.
> Just reprint the article and include a URL back to the original page.
> You can find these chapters (if available) on the catalog page for each
> book. They are also included in the new release section of each UG
> newsletter.
> Chapters are added weekly. New titles include "Excel for Starters: The
> Missing Manual," "DV Filmmaking: From Start to Finish," "Podcasting
> Pocket Guide," and more.
> http://www.oreillynet.com/pub/q/ug_sample_chapters
> ***Promotional Material Available:
> The following items are available for your next meeting. Let me know the
> item and the amount you'd like:
> -O'Reilly Catalog--new Fall catalogs
> -30% UG Discount bookmarks
> -Learning Lab Discount coupons (Limited supply available)
> ***Safari Affiliate Program for User Groups
> Give your members access to content from Safari's thousands of
> technology books right on your site and raise money for your
> user group at the same time. Use custom designed search boxes, 
> show the latest releases, or display your favorite book cover
> with our easy to use tools.
> For more information and to sign up for the Safari Affiliate 
> Program, go to:
> http://ug.oreilly.com/safari_affl.html?CMP=EMC-U1L284871961
> ================================================================
> O'Reilly News for User Group Members
> October 25, 2005
> ================================================================
> ----------------------------------------------------------------
> Book News
> ----------------------------------------------------------------
> -Practical Development Environments
> -Twisted Network Programming Essentials
> -FileMaker Pro 8: The Missing Manual
> -Beyond Java
> -My Job Went to India 
> -Open Sources 2.0
> -Palm and Treo Hacks
> -Programming Windows Presentation Foundation
> -Asterisk: The Future of Telephony
> -iWork '05: The Missing Manual
> -Build Your Own Standards Compliant Website Using Dreamweaver 8
> -Yahoo! Hacks
> -BlackBerry Hacks
> -JBoss at Work: A Practical Guide
> -Essential PHP Security
> -PHP in a Nutshell
> -Internet Forensics
> -Producing Open Source Software
> -Retro Gaming Hacks
> -Switching to the Mac: The Missing Manual
> -Essential SNMP, 2nd Edition
> -PHPUnit Pocket Guide
> -Visual Basic 2005 Jumpstart
> -Linux Desktop Pocket Guide
> ----------------------------------------------------------------
> Upcoming Events
> ----------------------------------------------------------------
> -Tom Limoncelli ("Time Management for System Administrators"), 
>  New York City BSD User Group, New York, NY--November 2
> -Jack Herrington ("Podcasting Hacks"), NCMUG, Rohnert Park, CA--
>  November 15
> -Tom Limoncelli ("Time Management for System Administrators") at the
>  Boston Linux & Unix User Group, Boston, MA--November 16
> -Sinan Si Alhir ("UML in a Nutshell") at the MilwaukeeSPIN Group,
>  Milwaukee, WI--November 17
> ----------------------------------------------------------------
> Conference News
> ----------------------------------------------------------------
> -ETel Registration Now Open
> -Conference List for 2006
> ----------------------------------------------------------------
> News
> ----------------------------------------------------------------
> -The Real Problem with Textbooks: A SafariU Editorial
> -O'Reilly Authors on the Air
> -Encrypting Voice: An Interview with Phil Zimmermann
> -Dreamweaver 8 Does Standards
> -My Top 10 CSS Tricks
> -User Group Members receive a special 50% discount on Learning 
>  Lab Courses
> -EuroOSCON--Doctorow on Europe's Coming Broadcast Flag
> -What Is Ruby on Rails?
> -An Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
> -TextEdit's Default Format: RTF... Why?
> -Security Myths: The Perimeter Is Everything
> -C#: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow: An Interview with 
>  Anders Hejlsberg, Part 1
> -Moving Past Java: An Interview with Bruce Tate
>  Diagnostic Tests with Ant
> -Canon 5D: First Impressions
> -Hacking Your Car: How to Get Clean Audio and Video Signals into 
>   Your Car
> -iPod Boxes into Art
> -Kid-Tested Haunted House Tricks
> ================================================
> Book News
> ================================================
> Did you know you can request a free book to review for your
> group? Ask your group leader for more information.
> For book review writing tips and suggestions, go to:
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> http://www.oreilly.com/
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> least $29.95 that go to a single address. This offer 
> applies to U.S. delivery addresses in the 50 states and Puerto Rico.
> For more details, go to:
> http://www.oreilly.com/news/freeshipping_0703.html
> ----------------------------------------------------------------
> New Releases
> ----------------------------------------------------------------
> ***Practical Development Environments
> Publisher: O'Reilly
> ISBN: 0596007965
> Everyone wants a good technical environment for developing their
> software, and "Practical Development Environments" contains helpful
> guidelines for how to create and maintain a great development
> environment. It discusses some of the current tools that are available,
> covering different areas such as version control, build tools, testing
> tools, bug tracking systems, documentation environments, release tools,
> and maintenance.
> http://www.oreilly.com/catalog/practicalde/
> Chapter 2, "Project Basics," is available online:
> http://www.oreilly.com/catalog/practicalde/chapter/index.html
> ***Twisted Network Programming Essentials
> Publisher: O'Reilly
> ISBN: 0596100329
> This title is a task-oriented look at Twisted, a Python-based network
> application framework. Twisted is fast becoming indispensable to Python
> network programmers. It supports common networking protocols such as
> TCP/IP, SSH, and SMTP. Using Python and Twisted, you can develop web
> services applications, email clients and servers, and just about any
> other type of networking application that you can conceive.
> http://www.oreilly.com/catalog/twistedadn/
> ***FileMaker Pro 8: The Missing Manual
> Publisher: O'Reilly
> ISBN: 0596005792
> Used by millions worldwide, FileMaker Pro is an award-winning database
> program for managing people, projects, images, assets, and other
> information. But it doesn't come with a manual--"FileMaker Pro: The
> Missing Manual" is the book that should have been in the box. With
> practical information, countless expert tips, and invaluable guidance,
> it's your guide to designing and building useful databases with the
> powerful and pliable FileMaker Pro.
> http://www.oreilly.com/catalog/fmakerprotmm/
> ***Beyond Java
> Publisher: O'Reilly
> ISBN: 0596100949
> In "Beyond Java," Bruce Tate, author of the Jolt Award-winning "Better,
> Faster, Lighter Java," chronicles the rise of the most successful
> language of all time, and then lays out in painstaking detail, the
> compromises the founders had to make to establish success. If you are
> agree with the book's premise--that Java's reign is coming to an
> end--then this book will help you start to build your skills
> accordingly. Beyond Java will teach you what a new language needs to
> succeed, so when things do change, you'll be more prepared. And even if
> you think Java is here to stay, you can use the best techniques from
> frameworks introduced in this book to improve what you're doing in Java
> today. 
> http://www.oreilly.com/catalog/beyondjava/
> ***My Job Went to India 
> Publisher: Pragmatic Bookshelf
> ISBN: 0976694018
> The American IT job market is slowly coming apart at the seams, and it's
> all our fault. Most of us have been stumbling around letting our careers
> take us where they may, and now we're surprised when companies are
> shipping jobs overseas for a fraction of the price. It's time to take
> control of our careers, and in the process, learn to stay both relevant
> and employed. This book will show you how to take action to avoid
> becoming yet another casualty of offshoring.
> http://www.oreilly.com/catalog/0976694018/
> ***Open Sources 2.0
> Publisher: O'Reilly
> ISBN: 0596008023
> "Open Sources 2.0" is a collection of insightful and thought-provoking
> essays from today's technology leaders that explore open source's impact
> on the software industry and reveal how open source concepts are
> infiltrating other areas of commerce and society.
> http://www.oreilly.com/catalog/opensources2/
> Beta Excerpt, "Introduction," is available online:
> http://www.oreilly.com/catalog/opensources2/chapter/index.html
> ***Palm and Treo Hacks 
> Publisher: O'Reilly
> ISBN: 059610054X
> Written for beginning to experienced Palm users, "Palm and Treo Hacks"
> is full of practical, ingenious tips and tricks you can apply
> immediately. Whether you're looking to master the built-in applications
> or you want to trick out your Palm to the fullest, this book will
> show you how to do it.
> http://www.oreilly.com/catalog/palmtreohks/
> Sample hacks are available online:
> http://www.oreilly.com/catalog/palmtreohks/chapter/index.html
> ***Programming Windows Presentation Foundation
> Publisher: O'Reilly
> ISBN: 0596101139
> Get up to speed on Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF). By page two,
> you'll have written your first WPF application, and by the end of
> Chapter 1, "Hello WPF," you'll have completed a rapid tour of the
> framework and its major elements including the XAML markup language,
> the mapping of XAML to WinFX code; the WPF content model; layout;
> controls, styles, and templates; graphics, and more.
> http://www.oreilly.com/catalog/avalon/
> Chapter 5, "Styles and Control Templates," is available online:
> http://www.oreilly.com/catalog/avalon/chapter/index.html
> ***Asterisk: The Future of Telephony
> Publisher: O'Reilly
> ISBN: 0596009623
> This new cost-cutting guide offers a complete roadmap for installing,
> configuring, and integrating Asterisk with existing phone systems,
> opening the door to open source telephony. The authors walk you through
> a basic dial plan step by step, and give you enough working knowledge to
> set up a simple but complete system.
> http://www.oreilly.com/catalog/asterisk/index.html
> Chapter 5, "Dialplan Basics," is available online:
> http://www.oreilly.com/catalog/asterisk/chapter/index.html
> ***iWork '05: The Missing Manual
> Publisher: O'Reilly
> ISBN: 059610037X
> While iWork '05 helps you create stunning documents and presentations,
> it doesn't come with any in-depth documentation of its own. Refreshingly
> entertaining and scrupulously detailed, our Missing Manual gives you all
> the essentials of iWork '05, including countless undocumented tips,
> tricks, and secrets that you won't find anywhere else. Best yet, you get
> an objective look at iWork's capabilities, its advantages over similar
> programs, and its limitations.
> http://www.oreilly.com/catalog/iwork5tmm/index.html
> Chapter 6, "Sharing Pages Documents," is available online:
> http://www.oreilly.com/catalog/iwork5tmm/chapter/index.html
> ***Build Your Own Standards Compliant Website Using Dreamweaver 8
> Publisher: SitePoint
> ISBN: 0975240234
> This book was written for any user of Dreamweaver MX who wants to create
> standards compliant and fully accessible websites. Web standards are the
> set of recommendations created by the W3C, which guide web developers in
> making their websites fully accessible as well as making them easier to
> maintain and develop. This book shows developers how to overcome
> Dreamweaver's limitations and use it to create fully functional and 
> standards compliant websites.
> http://www.oreilly.com/catalog/0975240234/
> ***Yahoo! Hacks
> Publisher: O'Reilly
> ISBN: 0596009453
> Whether you want to become a power searcher, news monger, super shopper,
> or innovative web developer, "Yahoo! Hacks" provides the tools to take 
> you further than you ever thought possible.
> http://www.oreilly.com/catalog/yahoohks/
> ***BlackBerry Hacks
> Publisher: O'Reilly
> ISBN: 0596101155
> The versatile and flexible BlackBerry handheld computing device allows
> you to stay in touch and in-the-know--no matter where you are or where
> you go. For both corporate and consumer users, "BlackBerry Hacks"
> delivers tips, tools, and innovative ways to most effectively use the
> all-in-one phone, inbox, organizer, and browser for phone calls, instant
> messaging, email, organizing, web browsing, receiving RSS feeds, and
> much more.
> http://www.oreilly.com/catalog/blackberryhks/
> ***JBoss at Work: A Practical Guide
> ISBN: 0596007345
> Publisher: O'Reilly
> Written for Java programmers who want to use JBoss on their projects,
> this convenient guide from O'Reilly takes an in-depth look at JBoss, the
> fastest growing open source tool on the market. Learn how to integrate
> JBoss with other open source Java products such as Tomcat and Hibernate,
> and much more. 
> http://www.oreilly.com/catalog/jboss/
> Chapter 3, "Building and Deploying an EAR," are avaiable online:
> http://www.oreilly.com/catalog/jboss/chapter/index.html
> ***Essential PHP Security
> Publisher: O'Reilly
> ISBN: 059600656X
> The PHP scripting language works beautifully with other open source
> tools, such as the MySQL database and Apache web server software, to
> build interactive web applications. But given the frequency of attacks
> on web sites, security is still an issue that developers need to
> address. "Essential PHP Security" explains the types of attacks that
> hackers use on web sites and how to correctly configure Apache and PHP
> to guard against them. The author of "Essential PHP Security," Chris
> Shiflett, is an internationally recognized expert in the field of PHP
> security and his book shows developers how to guard against attacks by
> writing secure PHP code.
> http://www.oreilly.com/catalog/phpsec/
> Chapter 4, "Sessions and Cookies," can be found online:
> http://www.oreilly.com/catalog/phpsec/chapter/index.html
> ***PHP in a Nutshell
> Publisher: O'Reilly
> ISBN: 0596100671
> "PHP in a Nutshell" is a complete reference to the core of the language
> as well as the most popular PHP extensions. The topic grouping, tips,
> and examples in this book make it an essential reference for every PHP
> programmer. It covers the functions commonly used by a majority of
> developers so you can look up the information you need quickly. Whether
> you're just getting started or have years of experience in PHP
> development, "PHP in a Nutshell" is a valuable addition to your desk
> library.
> http://www.oreilly.com/catalog/phpnut/
> Chapter 16, "Manipulating Images," can be found online:
> http://www.oreilly.com/catalog/phpnut/chapter/index.html
> ***Internet Forensics
> Publisher: O'Reilly
> ISBN: 059610006X
> This practical guide to Internet fraud gives you the skills you need to
> fight back against the spammers, con artists, and identity thieves that
> plague the Internet. The book shows you how to nab the bad guys by
> extracting the information that lies hidden in every email message, web
> page, and web server on the Internet. Real-world examples illustrate all
> the major techniques discussed.
> http://www.oreilly.com/catalog/internetforensics/
> Chapter 4, "Obfuscation," is available online:
> http://www.oreilly.com/catalog/internetforensics/chapter/index.html
> ***Producing Open Source Software
> Publisher: O'Reilly
> ISBN: 0596007590
> This comprehensive guide offers several tried and true steps to help you
> successfully manage the complex process of developing free software.
> Topics include project management, developer motivation, technical
> infrastructure to support collaboration, and project promotion.
> Producing Open Source Software is ideal for developers starting their
> own free software projects, or people who simply want to participate in
> the process.
> http://www.oreilly.com/catalog/producingoss/
> Chapter 4, "Social and Political Infrastructure," is available online:
> http://www.oreilly.com/catalog/producingoss/chapter/index.html
> ***Retro Gaming Hacks
> Publisher: O'Reilly
> ISBN: 0596009178
> Video game journalist Chris Kohler serves up hard-nosed hacks for
> reviving classic games. Want to game on an original system? Kohler shows
> you how to hack ancient hardware, and includes a primer for home-brewing
> classic software. Rather adapt today's equipment to run retro games?
> Kohler provides emulation techniques, complete with instructions for
> hacking a classic joystick that's compatible with a contemporary
> computer.
> http://www.oreilly.com/catalog/retrogaminghks/
> ***Switching to the Mac: The Missing Manual
> Publisher: O'Reilly
> ISBN: 0596006608
> Becoming a Mac convert is easy--so long as you've got our new Missing
> Manual. This incomparable guide delivers what Apple doesn't: everything
> you need to know to smoothly and seamlessly move to a Mac. Bestselling
> author David Pogue teams up with Adam Goldstein to cover every aspect of
> the switch in a refreshingly funny and down-to-earth style.
> http://www.oreilly.com/catalog/switchmacmm2/
> ***Essential SNMP, 2nd Edition
> Publisher: O'Reilly
> ISBN: 0596008406
> Written for network and system administrators, this practical book
> introduces the basics of SNMP and offers the technical background to use
> it effectively. This updated edition covers version 3 and offers
> valuable information on SNMP scripting and programming. Five new
> chapters and a host of real examples have been added. Administrators
> will attain a solid foundation for managing their networks, creating
> managed objects, and extending the operation of SNMP agents. 
> http://www.oreilly.com/catalog/esnmp2/index.html
> The complete set of examples is available at: 
> http://examples.oreilly.com/esnmp2/
> ***PHPUnit Pocket Guide
> Publisher: O'Reilly
> ISBN: 0596101031
> This handy guide answers all your PHPUnit questions, and then some.
> Written by the tool's creator, "PHPUnit Pocket Guide" delivers insight
> and sage advice not found anywhere else. It brings together
> hard-to-remember information, syntax, and rules for working with this
> popular code-testing tool. Perfect for developers of any level.
> http://www.oreilly.com/catalog/phpunitpg/
> ***Visual Basic 2005 Jumpstart
> Publisher: O'Reilly
> ISBN: 059610071X
> Okay VB6 developers--time's up. Microsoft no longer supports this
> version of Visual Basic, but VB 2005 offers several attractive reasons
> to upgrade. Our jumpstart guide lets you test-drive the beta version of
> VB 2005 with three hands-on projects that let you learn the new syntax
> quickly. It's the painless way to migrate, and the perfect training
> manual for moving to the world of .NET.
> http://www.oreilly.com/catalog/vbjumpstart/
> Chapter 4, "Developing a Windows Application, is available online:
> http://www.oreilly.com/catalog/vbjumpstart/chapter/index.html
> ***Linux Desktop Pocket Guide
> Publisher: O'Reilly
> ISBN: 059610104X
> Using Linux doesn't have to be hard. This book introduces you to the
> five most popular desktop distributions and covers essential topics such
> as configuring video card's screen resolution, sound, and wireless
> networking. Laptop issues are covered too. Explore desktop apps,
> including browsers, IM, and email clients with the same functionality as
> those used on Windows.
> http://www.oreilly.com/catalog/linuxdesktoppr/
> Chapter 1, "Distributions," is available online:
> http://www.oreilly.com/catalog/linuxdesktoppr/chapter/index.html
> ***MAKE Magazine Subscriptions Available
> The annual subscription price for four issues is $34.95. When you
> subscribe with this link, you'll get a free issue--the first one plus
> four more for $34.95. So subscribe for yourself or friends with this
> great offer for charter subscribers: five volumes for the cost of four.
> Subscribe at:
> https://www.pubservice.com/MK/Subnew.aspx?PC=MK&PK=M5ZUGLA
> ================================================
> Upcoming Events
> ================================================
> ***For more events, please see:
> http://events.oreilly.com/
> ***Tom Limoncelli ("Time Management for System Administrators"), New
> York City BSD User Group, New York, NY--November 2	
> Author Tom Limoncelli discusses techniques he's developed over the last
> fifteen years including how to find time to get projects done, the best
> way to manage interruptions from users, open source tools for tracking
> requests, and how to turn chaos into free time.
> http://nycbug.org/index.php?NAV=Home&SUBM=126
> ***Jack Herrington ("Podcasting Hacks"), NCMUG, Rohnert Park,
> CA--November 15
> Jack will walk us through the basics of podcasting, starting with audio
> recording using a variety of equipment that he will bring along. He also
> covers multi-track editing and mixdown with Audacity, conversion to MP3,
> and uploading to a podcasting enabled blog that integrates into iTunes.
> http://www.ncmug.org/events.html#nov
> ***Tom Limoncelli ("Time Management for System Administrators") at the
> Boston Linux & Unix User Group, Boston, MA--November 16
> Tom discusses techniques he's developed over the last fifteen years
> including how to find time to get projects done, the best way to manage
> interruptions from users, open source tools for tracking requests, and
> how to turn chaos into free time.
> http://blu.org/cgi-bin/calendar/2005-nov
> ***Sinan Si Alhir ("UML in a Nutshell") at the MilwaukeeSPIN Group,
> Milwaukee, WI--November 17
> Author Sinan Si Alhir presents "The Art of Agility: Project Management
> and Software Development" at a meeting of the Milwaukee Software Process
> Improvement Network (SPIN) Group.
> http://www.milwaukeespin.com/pn/html/index.php
> ================================================
> Conference News
> ================================================
> ***ETel Registration Now Open
> Emerging telephony networks enable a new generation of powerful
> communication applications, which threaten established business
> models--but more importantly, open up new opportunities and new markets.
> O'Reilly's Emerging Telephony Conference, January 24-26 in San
> Francisco, aims to articulate this revolution, provide a framework, and
> spark creative discussions among enterprise managers, developers,
> hackers, and sponsors interested in telephony. Join us as we explore
> this exciting new territory and investigate its implications.
> http://conferences.oreilly.com/etel/
> Use code "etel06dsug" when you register, and receive 15% off the
> registration price.
> To register for the conference, go to:
> http://conferences.oreillynet.com/cs/etel2006/create/ord_etel06
> ***Conference List for 2006 So Far
> O'Reilly Emerging Telephony Conference
> January 24-26, 2006
> San Francisco, California
> http://conferences.oreilly.com/etel/
> O'Reilly Emerging Technology Conference 2006
> March 6-9, 2006
> San Diego, California
> http://conferences.oreilly.com/etech/
> MySQL Users Conference 2006
> April 24-27, 2006
> Santa Clara, California
> http://www.mysqluc.com/
> ================================================
> News From O'Reilly & Beyond
> ================================================
> ---------------------
> General News
> ---------------------
> ***The Real Problem with Textbooks: A SafariU Editorial 
> The Government Accountability Office (GAO) reports that textbook prices
> rose 186 percent from 1986 to 2004--twice the rate of inflation. This
> populist revolt is getting lots of press, but the problem with textbooks
> is deeper and more fundamental than high prices: expensive textbooks are
> relics of the pre-internet world. O'Reilly CIO CJ Rayhill explicates and
> highlights O'Reilly's web-based co-publishing tool: SafariU.
> http://www.oreillynet.com/pub/a/network/2005/10/21/problem-with-textbooks-safariu-editorial.html
> ***O'Reilly Authors on the Air:
> 11/5 10:00am PT--David Pogue talks about the Missing Manual series on
> the "Digital Village" radio show.  Archives of the shows are available
> online.
> http://www.digitalvillage.org/
> 11/22  5:00PM PT David Pogue and Adam Goldstein interviewed on the
> "Computer Outlook" radio show on "Switching to the Mac: The Missing
> Manual, Tiger Ed." Podcast of the show online.
> http://www.computeroutlook.com/
> 11/23  5:00pm PT--Jack Herrington on the "Computer Outlook" radio show
> with host John Iasiulo on "Podcasting Hacks." Podcast of the show
> online.
> http://www.computeroutlook.com/
> ***Encrypting Voice: An Interview with Phil Zimmermann
> VoIP Magazine recently interviewed Phil Zimmermann, creator of PGP, the
> most widely used email encryption software. Phil discusses the urgency
> of creating powerful encryption for VoIP, among other issues. Phil will
> be speaking at O'Reilly's upcoming Emerging Telephony Conference,
> January 24-26 in San Francisco.
> http://www.voip-magazine.com/content/view/520/
> ***Dreamweaver 8 Does Standards
> The latest incarnation of Dreamweaver--version 8--supports web standards
> and the WCAG with more fervour than ever before. Rachel Andrew explains
> the product's evolution, and shows how to set up Dreamweaver 8 for
> standards-compliant development.
> http://www.sitepoint.com/article/dreamweaver-8-standards
> ***My Top 10 CSS Tricks
> For years, designers have manipulated CSS to meet their needs. Now
> Trenton has compiled his favourite tips to help you get more out of your
> designs. From page-width, the text-transform command, and IE-specific
> tricks, to hints on creating CSS documents for hand-held devices, these
> powerful tips will save you time and hassle.
> http://www.sitepoint.com/article/top-ten-css-tricks
> ***User Group Members receive a special 50% discount on Learning Lab
> Courses
> As an O'Reilly User Group member, you save on all the courses in the
> following University of Illinois Certificate Series:
> -Linux/Unix System Administration 
> -Web Programming
> -Open Source Programming
> -.NET Programming
> -Client-Side
> This offer ends December 31st, 2005.  To redeem, use Promotion Code
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> Open Source
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> ***EuroOSCON--Doctorow on Europe's Coming Broadcast Flag 
> In Cory Doctorow's closing keynote at O'Reilly's first-ever European
> Open Source Convention, he stated, "Right now we find ourselves in the
> midst of a global attack on free software. A global attack that is
> supposed to uphold copyright, but that has no nexus with what copyright
> actually does." At the heart of this attack, asserts Cory, is the DRM
> and certain American entertainment companies' push for a Broadcast Flag
> in Europe. Daniel Steinberg reports on Cory's keynote.
> http://www.oreillynet.com/pub/a/network/2005/10/21/doctorow-on-europe-broadcast-flag.html
> ***What Is Ruby on Rails?
> Ruby on Rails is an impressive web development framework that will soon
> reach version 1.0. While there's a lot of buzz, it can sometimes be
> difficult to discern the steak beneath the sizzle. Curt Hibbs walks
> through the features and pieces of Ruby on Rails to show how it fits
> together and where its big benefits come from.
> http://www.onlamp.com/pub/a/onlamp/2005/10/13/what_is_rails.html
> ---------------------
> Mac
> ---------------------
> ***An Introduction to Artificial Intelligence 
> Have you ever thought about using an iSight to take and classify images,
> such as those of a user sitting at the iMac? We have. And while we're
> working on that tutorial, we thought it might be a good idea to first
> publish a background piece on artificial intelligence.
> http://www.macdevcenter.com/pub/a/mac/2005/10/21/artificial-intelligence.html
> ***TextEdit's Default Format: RTF...Why? 
> Rich Text Format (.rtf) is the default choice for Mac OS X's TextEdit.
> Have you ever wondered why? Giles Turnbull takes a look at the RTF spec
> and discusses its strengths and shortcomings...and possibly uncovers
> why Apple chose it as the default for text processing.
> http://www.macdevcenter.com/pub/a/mac/2005/10/18/rtf.html
> ---------------------
> Windows/.NET
> ---------------------
> ***Security Myths: The Perimeter Is Everything 
> Is the perimeter the be-all and end-all of network defense? Mitch
> Tulloch, author of Windows Server Hacks, takes a look at whether it's
> time to kill the myth that perimeter defense is everything.
> http://www.windowsdevcenter.com/pub/a/windows/2005/10/18/security-myths-the-perimeter-is-everything.html
> ***C#: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow: An Interview with Anders
> Hejlsberg, Part 1 
> Anders Hejlsberg, in charge of the ongoing development of the C#
> programming language for Microsoft, talks about the past, present, and
> future of C#. Among other topics, he covers the implementation of C#
> generics (compared to Java), nullable types, and how language integrated
> query is implemented.
> http://www.ondotnet.com/pub/a/dotnet/2005/10/17/interview-with-anders-hejlsberg.html
> ---------------------
> Java
> ---------------------
> ***Moving Past Java: An Interview with Bruce Tate
> WebServicesSummit.com recently interviewed Bruce Tate about the future
> of Java and web development. Bruce discusses scalable enterprise
> applications, database-enabled applications, AJAX, and lightweight
> solutions for web development, while questioning whether Java is still a
> technology for the masses. Bruce is the author of the newly released
> "Beyond Java."
> http://www.webservicessummit.com/Articles/MovingPastJava.htm
> ***Diagnostic Tests with Ant 
> Determining what's gone wrong with your software--source or binary--in a
> remote location is no simple task. Before taking a call and walking the
> user through error-prone troubleshooting, why not collect information
> about the user's system and the application files? Koen Vervloesem shows
> how you can do this with Ant.
> http://www.onjava.com/pub/a/onjava/2005/10/12/diagnostic-tests-with-ant.html
> ---------------------
> Digital Media
> ---------------------
> ***Canon 5D: First Impressions
> The first thing that's noticeable about the EOS 5D is that it is a
> full-frame camera. I took a shot out of my hotel window with an EF 24-70
> L zoom lens at 24mm. My reaction was, "So that's where my wide-angle has
> been hiding all these years." James Duncan Davidson reports on the Canon
> 5D after his first assignment with it.
> http://digitalmedia.oreilly.com/2005/10/13/canon-5d.html
> ***Hacking Your Car: How to Get Clean Audio and Video Signals into 
>   Your Car 
> In the living room, red, white, and yellow RCA jacks are the universal
> standard for input. Wouldn't it be nice if car manufacturers did the
> same and put these jacks in your car? Damien Stolarz thinks so, and
> shows you how to hack your ride to get a clean audio and video signal
> into your car. Damien is the author of "Car PC Hacks." 
> http://digitalmedia.oreilly.com/2005/10/05/audio-video-hack-for-your-car.html
> ---------------------
> ---------------------
> ***iPod Boxes into Art
> There are millions and millions of iPods out there, but what happens to
> all the empty boxes? The packaging is pretty nice, and at this point, as
> iconic as the iPod itself. So in Maker spirit, here is a photo diary of
> HOW TO turn an empty iPod into a little robot-looking guy. Made with
> just the packaging materials, hot glue, and paint, it could be a fun
> project for kids.
> http://www.makezine.com/blog/archive/2005/10/how_to_make_a_robot_statue_fro.html
> ***Kid-Tested Haunted House Tricks
> Eric Wilhelm's Halloween Haunted House Controller project in Make 03
> explained how to build a multi-relay controller board that synchronizes
> lights, sounds, and other effects with soundtracks playing through
> Winamp on a laptop. This article describes some of the scare scenarios
> that Eric has staged using this controller, plus some other kid-tested
> tricks from haunted houses he's built.
> http://www.makezine.com/extras/27.html
> Sample Projects from MAKE:
> http://makezine.com/samples/
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