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More details about next month's event at CPCC.


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> On Wed. March 23rd, 2005, 20:49:58 -0500, Krissy Fisher wrote: 
> > Maybe someone has already thought of this - but I personally would
> > like to see better directions on the website.  A link to Google Maps
> > is all well and good... but I want to know what to do when I get there
> > too!!
> > This might be because I'm not from around Charlotte, but I want to
> > know where to park, what building to go into in the campus, how to
> > find the room, etc.  Maps covering a smaller area, with just a few
> > main roads and relevant buildings are wonderful for this sort of
> > thing.
> I put up some directions on my webdrive at CPCC. A detailed
> explanation of meeting times, where to go, how to find the room, etc.
> can be found at http://lamp.cpcc.edu/~rmw5954a/charlug/
> >From this page, I have linked Google driving directions as well as a
> satellite map of the area. The map can be viewed at
> http://lamp.cpcc.edu/~rmw5954a/charlug/map/
> Please let me know if anyone has other questions about the meetings,
> space, etc. Thanks.
> Matt Williams
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