[Charlotte.PM] storing arrays in a hash

diona kidd diona at studio12a.com
Fri Mar 25 07:51:43 PST 2005

Hey guys, 

I've got another one for you. I liked the last conversation, so why not
start another? 

I've been working on a script lately (usually pretty late in the
evening ;) where I'm storing arrays in a hash while going through a
loop. Once I'm out of the loop, I iterate over the hash, acting on the
key/value pairs. Odd thing is, when I try to pull the array back out of
the hash...it's not an array anymore. If I ref the value of the hash
key, nothing is printed out...I would expect to see ARRAY. 

Has anyone else ran across this? Is there something I'm not aware of,
like maybe I need to make the array a ref before storing it in the hash?
I've already done the traditional google search.



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