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Wed Mar 23 10:22:59 PST 2005

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> > Though Drew's point about scalability is good to remember, I hardly
> > think you're going to have any issues with scalability until your arrays
> > get over 100 elements. Until then, grepping through an  array may be
> > faster than using a hash. Anyone care to write up that benchmark?
> >
> With fast computers and virtually unlimited memory, I think the array would 
> have to be in the several hundred or low thousands to be noticeably slow.  I 
> do agree though that parsing the whole list in general is not the best 
> approach.  I tried "exiting" the grep process in the logic above, but there 
> isn't a way to do it, so it will parse the whole list.

I find that I get into trouble not with how big the list is, but by how
many times I end up processing it.  It's easy to do this when you try to
build modularily.  :)

Grepping through even a large list once probally still leaves your
bottleneck at the interperter.
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