[CMI.PM] cgi-lib.pl "not found in @INC"???

Mitch Kutzko mitch at ncsa.uiuc.edu
Thu Apr 21 17:16:46 PDT 2005

At 07:05 PM 4/21/2005 -0500, Arun Bhalla wrote:
> You at least changed it to cgi-*lib*.pl, right?  The cgi-bin.pl is
> the typo, and you keep repeating that in your emails, too.
> If you need to you might want to make the directory explicit with
>   use lib '/var/www/cgi-bin';
> before the require line, or even
>   push(@INC, '/var/www/cgi-bin');
> They're similar, but the former is executed at compile-time, and the
latter is executed at run-time.
> Good luck,
> Arun

Extra cookies to Arun!  :-)

I immediately noticed that my example used double quotes, while yours used
single quotes.  I'm so used to it being simple, syntactical stuff like that
that I totally  missed the fact that I brain-o'd the difference between
"cgi-bin" and "cgi-lib". 



Thanks, Arun!!

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