[Cascavel-pm] Oportunidade desenvolvedor PERL na Nova Zelandia

Bruno L teolupus.ext em gmail.com
Domingo Abril 15 01:01:09 PDT 2012

Olá moçada da cascavel-pm,

Estou escrevendo para a lista porque acredito ser o lugar ideal para
divulgar uma boa oportunidade.

Trabalho para uma empresa na Nova Zelandia chamada Catalyst IT (
catalyst.net.nz). Somos especialistas em FOSS e líderes em desenvolvimento
PERL por aqui.

Temos algumas vagas abertas que podem lhe interessar. Segue abaixo a
descrição e instruções:

Catalyst has a long-standing commitment to free and open standards and
technologies which has gained us an international reputation for
development, integration and support services. We are currently seeking
Perl developers to join our Wellington office of approximately 110 staff.

Attention all Perl developers! We need people who are confident writing
modern Perl in an object-oriented style, to work on applications used by
hundreds of thousands of New Zealanders every day.

We need someone with:
* fluent English
* good Perl skills
* experience with databases, ideally PostgreSQL
* good working knowledge of HTML/CSS
* good working knowledge of Javascript (ideally jQuery)
* Linux/Debian/Ubuntu knowledge (a plus)
* ability to communicate clearly with people who have varied levels of
technical understanding
* interest/experience in providing training and support to clients

Good things to include in your email are:
* a CV that includes any academic results
* references to any publicly available open-source work, e.g. 'I have
contributed 30 patches to the example project, which are available through
* any other examples you can provide of relevant work, e.g. references to
any academic research you have had published

Catalyst is a growing business and generally on the look-out for talented
individuals. Visit http://catalyst.net.nz/company/jobs to find out other
roles Catalyst are interested to hire into such as Drupal / PHP roles,
Systems Administrators, User Experience Designers / Business Analysts.

If you are interested contact us: overseasrecruitment[-at-]catalyst.net.nz

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