[Cascavel-pm] Fwd: Calling All Google Summer of Code Mentors

Nelson Ferraz nferraz em gmail.com
Terça Março 9 01:41:32 PST 2010

Está chegando a hora de mais um Google Summer of Code.

Quem participou no ano passado? Quem vai participar esse ano?

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Date: Tue, Mar 9, 2010 at 6:58 AM
Subject: [pm_groups] Fwd: Calling All Google Summer of Code Mentors
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Hi all,

Please forward this to your local groups and help spread the word this
month about getting involved in Google Summer of Code.


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Subject: Calling All Google Summer of Code Mentors
Date: Monday 08 March 2010
From: Jonathan Leto <jaleto em gmail.com>
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I am working on the application for The Perl Foundation and Parrot
Foundation to participate in Google Summer of Code 2010 [0]. GSoC is a
program where Google funds eligible students to hack on open source
projects for a summer. It is a great opportunity for the students and
the communities that mentor them. You also may be interested in this
summary of our involvement last year [1]. Our application will be
submitted by the end of this week.

Please join us in getting prepared for this year. There is a page for
possible mentors to volunteer [2]* as well as a page for project ideas
[3]. If you would like to help with the wiki, our main GSoC page [4]
is the best place to start. You are also invited to join our mailing
list [5] and come ask question in #soc-help on irc.perl.org .



[0] http://socghop.appspot.com/
[2] http://www.perlfoundation.org/perl5/index.cgi?gsoc_mentors
[3] http://www.perlfoundation.org/perl5/index.cgi?gsoc_2010_projects
[4] http://www.perlfoundation.org/perl5/index.cgi?gsoc
[5] http://groups.google.com/group/tpf-gsoc

* If you listed yourself as a mentor last year and you are not
interested this year, please remove yourself from the page.

Jonathan "Duke" Leto
jonathan em leto.net
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