[Cascavel-pm] Ajuda com tail

Donato Azevedo donatoaz em gmail.com
Terça Julho 7 13:47:06 PDT 2009

2009/7/7 Ari Arantes <ariarantes em gmail.com>:
> Valeu pelo ajuda, mas o problema é que não pode ter módulo adicional,
> pois o objetivo é rodar em qualquer servidor, sem necessariamente ter
> o File::Tail instalado.
> Esse "buffer" que o perl faz, é normal?

Já tentou setar $|=1?

veja o perlvar:
If set to nonzero, forces a flush right away and after every write or
print on the currently selected output channel. Default is 0
(regardless of whether the channel is really buffered by the system or
not; $| tells you only whether you've asked Perl explicitly to flush
after each write). STDOUT will typically be line buffered if output is
to the terminal and block buffered otherwise. Setting this variable is
useful primarily when you are outputting to a pipe or socket, such as
when you are running a Perl program under rsh and want to see the
output as it's happening. This has no effect on input buffering. See
getc for that. (Mnemonic: when you want your pipes to be piping hot.)

Donato Azevedo

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