[Cascavel-pm] Linux: Cisco Turns Routers Into Linux App Servers

Nelson Ferraz nferraz em gmail.com
Domingo Abril 13 12:36:50 PDT 2008

Achei a notícia interessante... pensei em compartilhar:

"InternetNews is reporting that Cisco's new Application eXtension
Platform turns several models of Cisco switches into Linux application
servers. With certified libraries in C, Java and Perl, developers will
be able to use a downloadable SDK to build their apps. The AXP server
is just another module in a Cisco switch running Cisco's own
derivation of a modern Linux distro (Kernel 2.6.x) specifically
hardened to run on that particular hardware. Modules will include up
to 1.4-GHz Intel Pentiums with 2 GB RAM and a 160 GB hard drive."




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