[Cascavel-pm] Fwd: Three Reasons to Port to Perl 6 now

Nelson Ferraz nferraz em gmail.com
Quarta Setembro 6 05:37:50 PDT 2006

Porting CGI::Application to Perl 6 has been a great experience.I offer
these three reasons for others considering porting a module to Perl 6.

1. P Porting a module by hand to Perl 6 makes a meaningful task of the
fun of learning a new language. It's a great way to learn Perl 6.

2. Porting makes a great code review. As part of porting
CGI::Application, I found a number of ways to improve and simplify the
code and test suite. Sometimes the Perl 6 features help with that,
but often there is benefit just from reviewing the code
closely...especially old code. When porting a function the popular
CGI.pm module, I found and (submitted a patch for) an old bug where
HTML was not properly escaped. From the experience, you'll likely find
ways to improve your Perl 5 code, now.

3. Porting modules helps the Perl 6 effort. At this stageof Perl 6
development you may run into a bug in Pugs or a part of the
documentation that is not clear. By providing constructive feedback
and submitting tests, you provide valuable help to the language
designers and implementors. You might even get sucked into help more
yourself! Not to mention, open source modules your produce will help
other Perl 6 users directly.

While I wouldn't yet recommend using Pugs for production now, it's a
great time get to involved.


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