[Cascavel-pm] Yet Another Web Framework

Nelson Ferraz nferraz em gmail.com
Quinta Maio 11 07:24:21 PDT 2006

While the world may need a new web framework about as badly as it needs 
a new conflict in the Middle East, we feel the urge to share ours.

Gantry is the third generation of a web framework, which has been 
running many of our internal and external sites for years, but which is 
now making its debut as an open source project (under the same license 
as Perl).

Check it out at http://www.usegantry.org.

Gantry features:

     * Transparent URL dispatching.
     * Flexibility in deployment:
           o Serve the same app from different servers.
           o Serve multiple instances of the same app on the same server.
           o Switch from CGI to mod_perl without code changes.
           o Change all app configuration without code changes even in CGI.
     * Pick your own architecture: MVC, MC, VC, C, etc. take your pick.
     * Emphasis on support for cron jobs and other batch processing.
     * Simple CRUD with AutoCRUD.
     * Advanced CRUD so flexible it doesn't even care if you use a database.
     * Bigtop generation and safe regeneration of code, SQL schemas, etc.
     * Clean factoring of engines: mod_perl 1, mod_perl 2, CGI, FastCGI.
     * Access to your engine's specifics (like the Apache request object).
     * Complete configuration control and flexibility through Gantry::Conf.
     * Simple stand alone server for testing and app deployment.


Nelson Corrêa de Toledo Ferraz

Segula Technologies (www.segula.fr)
Free Software Foundation Associate Member #3203
Sociedade Perl do Brasil (www.perl.org.br)
Rede Livre de Compartilhamento de Cultura Digital

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