[Cascavel-pm] [Spam] Re: redirect

Andre Ferraz deferraz em terra.com.br
Sábado Março 25 15:57:38 PST 2006

Opa !

André Garcia Carneiro wrote:

>Claro, desculpe! 
>Simples assim:
>print $cgi->header;
>print "<head>";
>print "<META http-equiv='refresh' content='4; URL=http://endereco.com.br/scriptdir/script.pl'>";
>print "</head>";

Retirado do pod do modulo CGI.pm:


          print $query->redirect('http://somewhere.else/in/movie/land');

       Sometimes you don't want to produce a document yourself, but simply
       redirect the browser elsewhere, perhaps choosing a URL based on the
       time of day or the identity of the user.

       The redirect() function redirects the browser to a different URL.  If
       you use redirection like this, you should not print out a header as

       One hint I can offer is that relative links may not work 
correctly when
       you generate a redirection to another document on your site.  This is
       due to a well-intentioned optimization that some servers use.  The
       solution to this is to use the full URL (including the http: part) of
       the document you are redirecting to.

       You can also use named arguments:


       The -nph parameter, if set to a true value, will issue the correct
       headers to work with a NPH (no-parse-header) script.  This is 
       to use with certain servers, such as Microsoft IIS, which expect all
       their scripts to be NPH.

IMHO eh um modo de escrever a mesma coisa com menos instrucoes  nao 
perdendo a legibilidade do codigo...


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