[Cascavel-pm] DBD::Oracle --- Insert BLOB

Luis Motta Campos monsieur_champs em yahoo.com.br
Quinta Junho 29 03:05:34 PDT 2006

Ricardo Portilho Proni wrote:
> Oi.
> Estou inserindo um BLOB no Oracle, usando DBD, e recebo num erro
> estranho:
> ORA-04043: object DIARIO.DOCS does not exist (DBD ERROR: Can´t match 
> some papameters to LOB fields in the table, check type and name)


ORA-04043:	object string does not exist
Cause:	An object name was specified that was not recognized by the
system. Following are possible causes:

    * An invalid name for a table, view, sequence, procedure, function,
package, or package body was entered. Since the system could not
recognize the invalid name, it responded with the message that the named
object does not exist.
    * An attempt was made to rename an index or a cluster, or some other
object that cannot be renamed.

Action:	Check the spelling of the named object and rerun the code.
(Valid names of tables, views, functions, etc. can be listed by querying
the data dictionary.)

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