Luis Campos de Carvalho monsieur_champs em yahoo.com.br
Sexta Setembro 30 11:15:03 PDT 2005

  PessoALL, Isto é muito importante!!

  De acordo com o censo dos grupos de perl organizado pelo Dave Cross, existem alguns grupos
brazucas que estão na lista dos candidatos a remoção permantente.

  Os grupos podem ser encontrados na lista públicada aqui: http://dave.org.uk/missing/

  O Dave deu um ULTIMATO no email abaixo.
  Quem não quiser perder o grupo deve responder à pesquisa do censo.
  Para fazer isso, entre em contato com o próprio Dave, através do email <pm_groups em pm.org>.

  Putamplexos preocupados!

--- Dave Cross <dave em dave.org.uk> escreveu:
> Data: Thu, 29 Sep 2005 20:54:42 +0100
> De: Dave Cross <dave em dave.org.uk>
> Para: pm_groups em pm.org
> Assunto: [pm_groups] PM Census Update
> I got a bit sidetracked on other things, but I'm back looking at the 
> Perl Mongers census again.
> We've had a few more groups respond, but it's pretty much dried up 
> completely now. The current results are at http://dave.org.uk/pm_census/
> But that still leaves over 120 groups that I thought existed, but that 
> haven't responded to my emails. You can see that list at 
> http://dave.org.uk/missing/
> As I said when I started this, one of the reasons for doing it was that 
> I suspected that the listings on http://pm.org/groups/ contained a 
> number of groups that were now defunct and it just makes us look bad 
> advertising inactive groups like that. So any groups that I don't hear 
> from in the next couple of weeks will be removed from the list and have 
> their DNS records deleted.
> So this is a final call to please fill in the census if you haven't 
> already done it. And if you know the leaders of any of the missing 
> groups then please prod them to fill it in too.
> Over the next couple of days I'll be advertising the missing list on 
> use.perl, perlmonks and anywhere else I can think off. Please let me 
> know if you have any further suggestions.
> Cheers,
> Dave...
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Luis Campos de Carvalho
Member of "São Paulo Perl Mongers",
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