[Cascavel-pm] Natural Language Processing (was: Programação Perl para criar jogos em 2D e 3D.)

Nelson Ferraz nferraz em phperl.com
Sexta Outubro 29 13:07:22 CDT 2004

Josberto wrote:
> Tenho curiosidade nas áreas de tradução eletrônica
> (linguaphile/www.traduku.net), síntese de  voz
> (festival speech) e análise de voz.

Dica para quem tiver interesse na área de NLP (Natural Language 
Processing): existe uma distribuição GNU/Linux específica para este fim, 
chamada Morphix-NLP.

"Morphix-NLP is a Live CD Linux distribution with a rich collection of 
Natural Language Processing (NLP) applications. Though the field of NLP 
has undergone decades of intensive research, software designed in the 
NLP community are often scattered around the net and are not known by 
the larger computer user community. Consequently, most NLP software can 
not be found in mainstream distributions even years after the first 
public release.

The purpose of this CD is twofold:

     * In the first place, it tries to break the software acquisition 
and installation barrier facing many researchers and students in the NLP 
community by providing most NLP related software on a single Live CD.
     * In the second place, the CD can be used to promote Natural 
Language Processing among average computer users. Simply plugging the CD 
into cd-drive and watching some NLP applications in action, most users 
will get some knowledge of Natural Language Processing and what NLP can do."




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