[Cascavel-pm] Re: Sao-Paulo.pm.org Group ownership and responsability claiming

Luis Campos de Carvalho lechamps em terra.com.br
Quinta Maio 13 07:37:20 CDT 2004

Sergio Salvi wrote:
> Hi Dave and Luis,

   Hi mr Salvi, mr Cross

> On Thu, 8 Apr 2004, Luis Campos de Carvalho wrote:
>>   Hi Dave, Hi mr Sergio Salvi.
>>   Dave, I'm claiming the Sao-Paulo.pm.org Perl M[ou]ngers 
>>responsability for the folloing reasons:
>>   1. There is no active responsible for the Sao-Paulo.pm.org facilities 
> Right.
>>It seems that mr Salvi is not reacheable on this mailbox anymore. 
>>My last contact try go back to august, and not even a return receipt 
>>gets back. I'm CC'ing mr. Salvi as a faith gesture, only. No message 
>>ever returned. (:
> Wrong. I received an email from Luis on Aug 26 and replied it. On last 
> December 15, I received another one and also replied. So please don't make 
> things up.

   So there are two missing messages. I tryied to contact mr Salvi at 
February 24, with no response (and no SMTP error message?!?) and tryied 
to invite mr Salvi for the first Sao Paulo Perl M[ou]ngers at March 15, 
(again with no response or SMTP error message).

   I apologise both mr Salvi and mr Cross for the mess. This is my fault.

>>   2. There is no activity at all at the Sao-Paulo.pm.org website since 
>>last year, and no member from Sao-Paulo.pm.org at the First PM'ers 
>>meeting organized at São Paulo, on March 20.
> Right.
>>   Sergio Salvi, this is your last chance. If you receive this, please 
>>answer me or Dave, and let us know about your interest on the ownership 
>>of the Sao-Paulo.pm.org Perl M[ou]ngers Group.
> I definitely can't spend more time and effort in this group and totally 
> agree to transfer it to Luis or anyone else interested on it. I'd be happy 
> to see this group developed and with a huge community created.
>>   Dave, I hope this will sufice for "officially" claim the 
>>Sao-Paulo.pm.org responsability. Please let me know if I'm missing 
> I've copied Dave just to make sure he will see this message.
> []s,
> Sergio Salvi.

   I'm feeling an agresive accent on your words, mr Salvi.

   More important than reactivate the Sao Paulo PM Group is to keep a 
good relationship with the members of the PM Community. As far as I 
know, this includes you too.

   Maybe my attitudes are the cause of your anger. I would like to 
apologise if this is true. Maybe my anxiety and hurry on doing something 
  for the group offended you personally.

   Maybe mr. Cross don't like something on my attitudes until now. 
Please  forgive me too, mr Cross. My only intention is to get out of the 
innertia and start a great community at Sao Paulo, as I see at the 
London PM Group.

   Please don't take this personal. I will apologise for my faults in 
public if this helps to make peace.

   Thank you both, and best regards.
   Luis Campos de Carvalho is BSc in Comp Science,
   PerlMonk [SiteDocClan], Cascavel-pm Moderator,
   Unix Sys Admin && Certified Oracle DBA

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