[Cascavel-pm] Slashdot: Exegesis 7 Released (Perl 6 Text Formatting)

Nelson Ferraz nferraz em phperl.com
Quinta Março 4 20:21:08 CST 2004

"Perl.com has just published Exegesis 7, Damian Conway's explanation of 
how text formatting will work Perl 6 (and now, Perl 5, thanks to his 
Perl6::Form module) will work. Think of it as Perl 1 for the 21st 
century. Also, Parrot 0.1.0, the virtual machine for Perl 6 and several 
other dynamic languages, released on Leap Day -- ever wanted to program 
in an object oriented assembly language?"


Exegesis 7: http://www.perl.com/pub/a/2004/02/27/exegesis7.html



Nelson Ferraz

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