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Olá monges,

Estou meio afastado da lista por problemas burrocráticos do local em que
trabalho, mas enfim... resolvi mandar essa "pérola" para vocês darem
umas risadas...

Eu estava no trabalho tentando explicar as três virtudes de um
programador, de acordo com Larry Wall, mas eu nunca consigo lembrar dos
três... então apelei para o velho Google. O primeiro link que ele me
trouxe foi do site, cujo o qual resolvi pegar a mensagem e mandar pra

Laziness, Perl, Larry Wall
Date: 2002, November 24

In the unix community there's quite a large confusion and wishful
thinking about the word laziness. In this post, i'd like to make some

American Heritage Dictionary defines laziness as:
"Resistant to work or exertion; disposed to idleness."

When the sorcerer Larry Wall said "The three chief virtues of a
programmer are: Laziness, Impatience and Hubris", he used the word
"laziness" to loosely imply "natural disposition that results in being
economic". As you can see now, "Resistant to work or exertion" is
clearly not positive and not a virtue, but "natural disposition that
results in economy" is a good thing if true.

When Larry Wall said one of programer's virtue is laziness, he wants
the unix morons to conjure up in their brain the following proposition
as true: "Resistant to work or exertion is a natural human disposition
and such disposition actually results behaviors being economic". This
statement may be true, which means that human laziness may be
intuitively understood from evolution. However, this statement is a
proposition on all human beings, and is not some "virtue" that can be
applied to a group of people such as programers.

Demagogue Larry Wall is smart in creating a confusion combined with
wishful thinking. By making subtle statements like this, he
semi-intentionally confuses average programers to think that it is OK
to be not thorough, it is OK to be sloppy, it is OK to disparage
computer science. (like the incompetent unixers and perlers are)

Can you see the evil and its harm in not understanding things clearly?
This laziness quote by Wall is a tremendous damage to the computing
industry. It is a source among others that spurs much bad fashion
trends and fuckups in the industry. It is more damaging than any
single hack or virus. It is social brain-washing at work, like the
diamond company De Beers' tremendously successful sales slogan: "A
Diamond is Forever" or Apple's grammatically fantastic "Think

The most fundamental explanation of why Larry Wall's sophistry are
damaging to society is simply this: What he said is not true and they
are widely spread and conceived as worthwhile. This is a form of
mis-information. This is a manifestation of Love without Knowledge as
i expounded before, with subtle but disastrous consequences (already).

[disclaimer: This article represent some of my negative opinions of
Larry Wall. I do not imply that Larry Wall has done anything illegal.]

xah em xahlee.org

fonte: http://www.xahlee.org/UnixResource_dir/writ/perl_laziness.html



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