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Aqui vai uma mensagem interessante que apareceu na lista de "advocacy":

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Subject: Re: major advocacy help needed
Date: 5 Apr 2004 22:04:39 +0100
From: Ricardo Oliveira <rlmcdo em netcabo.pt>
To: <advocacy em perl.org>

Considering that maybe your boss, being a Senior VP, isn't very sensible 
to the language's specs, I'd try a more high level approach:

- Perl is an Open Source language with world wide support of a large 
enthusiastic community independent from 3rd party corporate interests
- A lot has been done through the years to enrich the language (CPAN)
- It's no spring chicken.  Perl has been around for many years, and it's 
used because it's good, not because someone sold it as vaporware very well
- Being also free, in case your boss changes his mind later, there is no 
risk of regretting some big licenses investment
- Perl is quite lightweight and tipycally does not need big hardware or 
expensive application servers to run, like Java does
- If finding Java programmers is easier, then finding bad Java 
programmers also is. Quality and quantity differ.
- A bad OO Java architecture has tipycally tragic performance problems 
and is hard to reengineer. A poorly implemented Perl architecture is 
more easily tuned and fixed
- EAR deployment consumes too much development time
- Perl also runs everywhere

Of course there are pros and cons. I can tell you that by my experience 
that Java sells better as a concept (it helped to sell lots of computer 
mags in the past) But at the end of the day, Perl applications are 
usually much more flexible for changing and tunning. The simple thought 
of EJB and EJB-QL makes me be sure of this.

Cya :)



Nelson Ferraz

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