[Cascavel-pm] [Authorization request]: Translating Cascavel.pm to Esperanto too! [Was: Re: Translating {London,Paris}.pm (was: Re: Esperanto on London.pm (was Re: XML & XML::LibXML...))]

Luis Campos de Carvalho lechamps em terra.com.br
Sexta Agosto 29 08:16:15 CDT 2003

[For the english-speaking gentleman: see below for an english version]

------------------  Portuguese Version ------------------
   Caros monges

   O pessoal das listas de Perl da Europa estão planejando traduzir as 
páginas dos grupos de Londres e Paris para o esperanto durante o mês de 
setembro, para arrecadar fundos para a Yet Another Society (até onde eu 
entendi). Como o Paul Makepace se ofereceu para traduzir as páginas para 
o Esperanto, acho que poderíamos aderir (veja mensagem encaminhada 
abaixo). Claro, não é uma decisão minha, mas precisa ser rápida, Londres 
(e o Paul Makepeace) estão 3 horas na nossa frente... =-]

   O que vocês acham disso?
------------------  Portuguese Version ------------------

------------------  English Version ------------------
   Dear m[ou]ngers

   Folks from the Europe are planning to translate the {London,Paris} 
Perl Mongers Group webpages to Esperanto to gather fundings for the Yet 
Another Society (AFAIK). As Paul Makepeace voluntereed to translate the 
webpages to Esperanto, I think we could adhere (See forwarded message 
below). Of course this is not my decision, but need to be a *fast* one, 
because London and Paul Makepeace are three hours ahead from us...

   What you think about that?
------------------  English Version ------------------
   Luis Campos de Carvalho is Computer Scientist,
   PerlMonk [SiteDocClan], Cascavel-pm Moderator,
   Unix Sys Admin && Certified Oracle DBA

-------- Original Message --------
From: Paul Makepeace <london.pm.org em paulm.com>
To: london.pm em london.pm.org, paris-pm-list em pm.org
Date: Fri, 29 Aug 2003 02:01:38 +0100

Je 2003-08-28 22:05:58 +0100, David Landgren skribis:
 > [texte en fran?ais en fin de message]

Kial? Kun la lingvo internacia oni devus nur unu...

(Why? With the international language one'd only need one...)

 > It was meant to be light-hearted, not churlish.
 > I see mutterings about Esperanto on either side of the channel. I think
 > that maybe it would be a good idea for those interested in working this
 > project to come together and thrash out the details on a mailing list I
 > just set up. Do something like:

La tradukado aspektas relative facile, kiel vi diras, sed la hejmpag^o
mem estas malinteresa! C^e Cafe Pacifico oni havas ideon reverki c^i
tiun pag^on kaj eble utiligi vortojn kiujn estus penigaj traduki en


(The translation is quite easy, as you say, but the homepage itself is
boring! At the Cafe Pacifico there was the idea of rewriting the page
and perhaps using words that would be challenging to translate into

Continuing in English: There has been murmurings of doing the cut over
on sept 1. That's getting a bit close if we want some new copy - how
about midnight UTC sept 1 (i.e. next Monday) for respective .pm
homepages? I'll coordinate this with Mark & see if we can create a
simple plan. (Who's Paris.pm homepage leader?)

Paul (qui trouve les langues naturelles trop difficiles, pardonnez-moi)

PS If any other .pm groups would like their home pages translated, I'd
    be happy to oblige :-) If I can't find someone to read your language
    I'll find someone who can...

Paul Makepeace ....................................... http://paulm.com/

"What is sewing? All your base are belong to us."
    -- http://paulm.com/toys/surrealism/

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