[Canberra-pm] Equivalent to PHP's var_dump()?

Jepri jepri at babylon.alphacomplex.org
Tue Jan 18 17:06:00 PST 2005

Indeed there is.  It's a staple for perl programmers, you'll often see 
it in code:


use Data::Dumper;
print Dumper $x;

It can also do clever tricks like serialise complex data structures.

Andrew Pollock wrote:

>Here's a question that just popped into my head...
>I really like PHP's var_dump() for when I'm playing with random data
>structures that I don't have a clear handle on the structure of. It allows
>me to visually get that handle on it. I miss this when I'm doing stuff in
>Is there some way of doing the same sort of thing?

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