[Canberra-pm] List and webpage changed

Jepri jepri at webone.com.au
Sat May 3 18:06:46 CDT 2003

The list is now closed to non-subscribers and this should mean we get 
no spam through.  Also, I uploaded a new webpage to Canberra.pm.org.  
It is based on Alex's suggestion for a design.  I tried to make it look 
like a page from perldoc.com, but now I'm thinking I should have just 
written it in POD and used pod2html on it.  In any case it should look 
better in almost any browser you care to name.

Both took a little longer to upload than I planned, as my pda went 
wonky and I had to try and remember the passwords to the accounts.  
That took a while since I had only used them once in six months.  If 
anyone knows a place in Canberra that works on palm pilots I'd 
appreciate hearing about it, 'cause I can't seem to find any.

If you are interested in seeing a list of .pm groups and how active 
they are, you can fulfill your interest by heading over to 

where the Israeli pm group has been doing a bit of a census.  Hopefully 
they will have updated the canberra statistics by the time you all get 

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