[Buffalo-pm] Using a C API with Perl...

DANIEL MAGNUSZEWSKI dmagnuszewski at mandtbank.com
Mon Apr 10 06:27:30 PDT 2006

>>> "Kevin Eye" <eye at buffalo.edu> 04/06/06 5:02 PM >>>
> My suggestion would be that if what you're doing is just 
> wrapping more of the CoreMIDI API, I'd try to add it to 
> the existing perl module. For one thing, all the setup of 
> the XS would be half done and there would be plenty of 
> examples to follow. For another, you could easily submit 
> your additions.

Yeah, I talked to the module owner and he informed me that Chris Nandor
had just sent him some new code that would allow for sending MIDI data.
This may eliminate my need for doing this, but I'm not positive yet. Now
I'm just waiting for him to update the module and upload it to CPAN.

Thanks to everyone for their suggestions - there's definitely many
options available to do this.


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