[Buffalo-pm] Using a C API with Perl...

DANIEL MAGNUSZEWSKI dmagnuszewski at mandtbank.com
Thu Apr 6 11:59:28 PDT 2006


There are API's, for C and Java, within the Mac OSX SDK. I want the
ability to use the C API within Perl. I've come across perlxs
(http://search.cpan.org/~nwclark/perl-5.8.8/pod/perlxs.pod) but I'm not
sure if there is a better/easier way of doing this. Would it be faster
if I just wrote a program in C (using the API) that receives input from
STDIN - from there I could just create a pipe to it within the Perl
script? The data being sent through the system is very time sensitive,
so I'd like to use the method that will create the lowest latency and

Any thoughts/suggestions?


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