[Buffalo-pm] MJD presenting at a Very Special Toronto Perl Mongers meeting, Sat 13 May 2006

Richard Dice rdice at pobox.com
Sat Apr 1 07:57:36 PST 2006

> Richard, is there a (TPM or MJD) PayPal account or some other online
> pledge system? If not, how would you like to receive donations from the
> us? Do you accept C.O.D  ;-)
Sorry, no.  COD can be done -- I'm sure people will be handing me 
fistfulls of cash at the event so I will be bringing my receipt book.  
Though, it decreases my anxiety level if I receive the money 
before-hand, of course. :-)  One option would be to get a Canadian 
dollar money order drawn up at your bank to snail-mail me. (I will 
provide my residence address to anyone who is interested in doing 
that.)  If you choose to do this then it could be best to pool donations 
on your end so that you can split the fee for creating such a device 
across several donations.  (If the prices are anything like what they 
are here to do the reverse, I'd guess it would be about a U$4 charge.)

Regardless, I would appreciate it if people could at least pledge the 
money first by emailing me to let me know what they are going to give.  
I need to keep tabs on the health of the fundraising effort.  Right now 
I still need about $700, so there is plenty of room for donations.  
Every bit counts.

> I'd like to get a count of people who are probable or definite for
> attending this. This way we can start to put car pools and plans
> together. Please send me an email (either on or off the list) stating
> whether you are probable or definite.
Thanks for the organizing.


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