[Buffalo-pm] MJD presenting at a Very Special Toronto Perl Mongers meeting, Sat 13 May 2006

Richard Dice rdice at pobox.com
Sat Apr 1 06:35:15 PST 2006

Hi everyone,

I've been working with Mark-Jason Dominus (MJD) over the past few months
for him to give a talk to the Toronto Perl Mongers.  I have final
confirmation now.  We're scheduling the talk for the afternoon of
Saturday 13 May, duration of approx. 4 hours.  (Exact location
information will be forthcoming.)

I have attached here a note from MJD he asked me to distribute.  The
main thrust of his speaking tour is in prepartion for his newest book,
currently under constructions, "Perl Program Repair Shop and Red Flags". 
He would like code contributions -- see details in his letter.  We'll
get him to give a talk about this and also another from his repetoire.
(See the "Free talks" section on http://perl.plover.com/yak/#free )
Suggestions are welcome!

The talk is free, but donations are both appreciated and needed.  The
only support for this event is what comes from its attendees.  Thanks to
all who have pledged already.

Daniel Magnuszewski has told me that he'd help organizer the Buffalo.pm 
folks who might want to attend.  If you have any questions about who MJD 
is, making a donation, etc., you can talk to either of us.  (Carpooling 
and more local type things Daniel could handle much better than I.)


(The following is verbatim from MJD.)

         Dear Toronto Perl Mongers,

         I'm coming to visit you on May 13 as part of my tour to gather
         material for my new book, which I hope will be published in
         2007.  The book is about code review and refactoring in Perl.
         (For more complete information, please see
         http://perl.plover.com/flagbook/ .)

         To do the job right, I need real examples of real code that
         other people wrote.  I'll review the code and fix it up, and
         explain in the book what I did and why.

         Please send me some code to look at so that I have something
         to talk about on May 13.  I need it no later than Friday,
         April 14, but sooner is better.

         What I need: code for a program or module that is between 150
         and 700 lines long, not counting comments or blank lines.
         Also, you must be authorized to give me permission to use the
         code in my book.

         If I use your code in the talk, I will give you a free copy of
         my last book, _Higher-Order Perl_.
         (http://hop.perl.plover.com/) If I use your code in the new
         book, you'll get a free copy of that when it comes out.

         If you want more details about what I need, please see:


         To contribute, send code to:

                 mjd-contrib-tor at plover.com

         Questions?   Send them to:

                 mjd at plover.com


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