[Buffalo-pm] Saving a named Pipe

Tim Ace ecammit at hotmail.com
Wed Nov 19 12:15:15 CST 2003

Sorry for the late reply, but I sent to the listserve 4 days from the wrong 
email account.  As such, it rejected my post.  But anyhow, here you are:

Ok guys, I did manage to find the code I was using to save a named pipe and 
it does use an amperstand, however, it doesn't save it to scalar as I once 
thought, but it instead saves it to another named pipe.  Here is the code in 
case you are still interested.  This will save the old STDOUT pipe so that 
you can set it to something else temporarily and then set it back again:

open(SAVEOUT,">&STDOUT"); # save STDOUT to new pipe SAVEOUT
# do something here that changes STDOUT
# .
# .
# .
open(STDOUT,">&SAVEOUT"); # now restore STDOUT back to what it was.


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