[Buffalo-pm] YAPC Kwiki, &c.

Rob Raux rjraux at cse.Buffalo.EDU
Tue Jul 29 10:24:40 CDT 2003

Site is looking good.

Here are a couple of additions from what I've read:

* NSC does have wireless access and I have tested this in numerous
rooms.  The issue however is breaking the firewall.  At this point you
need a UBitname and password to get through the gateway.  I'm sure there
could be a workaround for this.

Residence Halls
* Once again for networking (wireless and lan), we have the problem of
authentication. I'm sure what could be done, is there are temporary
accounts that could be utilized.

* Could give tour of CCR as well as CEDAR (that's always a big one).  The
CS department I'm sure would be more than happy to get involved.  As well
as ACM?!

Hopefully that's a bit more info.


On Tue, 29 Jul 2003, Kevin Christopher wrote:

> Fellow Perl Mongers:
> This past weekend, Kevin Eye installed a kwiki site featuring our
> YAPC::NA 2004 proposal in progress at http://buffalo.pm.org/yapc/.
> Also, Jim Brandt is meeting today with UB's conference staff to discuss
> the services UB can provide for a 2004 YAPC on the UB North Campus.
> -Kevin
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