[Buffalo-pm] Correction and Another Update

Kevin Christopher bpm at binarymojo.net
Wed Jul 23 11:09:35 CDT 2003

Correction to my previous post ( see
http://mail.pm.org/pipermail/buffalo-pm/2003-July/000038.html ):

I mangled the facts behind Kevin Eye's psh bug.

Kevin did not purposely insert the "use strict" bug the code, which he
pointed out at our July meeting. I assumed that he put the bug in it
because I remembered that we had briefly discussed posting Perl puzzlers
to the list, maybe including bugs for list members to find. My assumption
is odd in retrospect, because he never said "Can you find the bug I put in
this code?" in when he posted psh to the list or when he mentioned the bug
at the last meeting.

Anyway, please correct this meme bug in your reality toolkit.

(2) I've received 3 positive responses while trolling for gurus to speak
at upcoming BPM meetings:

- Dan Sugalski, designer of Parrot, replied that he'd be happy to speak in
the near future. I hope that we'll have him here this fall.

- Mark Jason Dominus, is also willing to visit Buffalo in the near future,
especially if we can coordinate with Pittsburgh PM (and maybe Toronto PM)
to get him up here from Philadelphia.

- Dick Hart (ActiveState) say he'll gladly speak to our group the next
time he's in the region, but there's no actual date that he mentioned when
he'll find himself up here.

That's all for now,

Kevin C.

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