[Buffalo-pm] Buffalo Perl Mongers Updates

Kevin Eye eye at buffalo.edu
Wed Jul 23 07:29:06 CDT 2003

> (2) Bid for YAPC 2004?

I'd be very excited to help with this. I'd definitely be available to 
pitch in if our bid is accepted. Let me know if there's anything I can 
help with for the proposal, too.

> (3) Change to August 14 Meeting:
> Kevin Eye will not be speaking at our August 14th meeting as originally
> scheduled. He is getting married on that weekend,

Ok, so yes, I didn't realize the dates conflicted until just now. 
(Shhhhh...) But maybe I can get away with blaming it on how we switched 
the meetings from the last Thursady to the second Thursday of the 
month... yeah.. that was it. :-)

> (4) Kevin Eye's psh
> It turns out that Kevin had purposely included a bug

I didn't do it on purpose. I'm not sure how you got that impression. I 
use the program a lot, but before I sent it to the list, I couldn't 
resist making a couple changes to the cote (I made it work better 
without some optional modules). Of course I tested it, promptly sent it 
off to the list, and about an hour later realized that it had a pretty 
obvious bug (the use strict thing). I figured I wouldn't bother sending 
out a correction because the meeting was coming up and I'd mention it 

> (5) TPM's Kwiki
I've been using kwiki more and more lately. I could set a kwiki up for 
the group if you think it would help facilitate our discussions.

  - Kevin

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