[Buffalo-pm] Buffalo Perl Mongers Updates

Rob Raux rjraux at cse.Buffalo.EDU
Tue Jul 22 21:47:38 CDT 2003

First of all, I'd like to send out my congrats to Kevin Eye.  I'm just
curious why he had volunteered to give a talk that week... perhaps he
forgot he was getting married ;-)

With regards to the bid for YAPC in 2004, I think it is certainly well
worth the effort.  The thought of having this type of conference right at
UB is certainly exciting.  What has yet to be done however if the bid
submission date is August 1st?  Would we be scrambling a bit too much to
throw it all together?

If anyone who has more information and requires
some help, or perhaps some contacts, I could certainly be of service.  Just
contact me ASAP and I we can work something out.

As for actually participating and organizing, I will be unavailable since
I will most likely be moving out of Buffalo in January (ahh, cheers for

In any event, I think that if the bid for YAPC was accepted, it could help
fuel more local interest, and perhaps by the time the conference came in a
year, the Buffalo PM membership would significantly increase. I'm sure
some UB campus promotion for ACM alone would boost the size by at least
6-10 regulars.

That's all from me.  See you all soon.

Rob Raux

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