[BNE-PM] I need a little bit of help here...

Andrew Pollock apollock at bit.net.au
Thu Sep 9 01:35:29 CDT 1999


Packages are foreign to me, and we've purchased a support tracking system
written in Perl (nice little Australian made job called DTS) and I'm trying
to hack it a little bit to add some extra functionality. It actually comes
with a "library" for site-specific things which it runs and that's where I'm
trying to add some extra functionality.

elsif ($evtype == $main::EVENT_EMAIL)
                # Report is being modified by receiving mail
                # arg1 is \%to, arg2 is \%from

                &main::sendMail($$to{assigned}, "received mail about
                "DTS has received email about report $$to{id}");

This is the snippet of code that is relevant.

The sendMail subroutine is defined elsewhere and takes the following

local ($address, $subject, $message, $from, $replyTo) = @_;

The actual invocation of sendMail was given to me by the author of the
system, but it's not working as expected and while I was waiting on a reply
back from him, I thought I'd play around myself. The bit that is confusing
me is the double dollar signs in front of the "to" and the "id" and the
reference to the "to" and "from" hashes with a backslash in front of them.

Can anyone with more Perl clue than myself shed any light on this?


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