[Boulder.pm] Newbie File Manipulation question

Rod Burgess rodbandkimb at msn.com
Mon Jul 17 10:26:24 PDT 2006

I am new to the Perl world and am trying to learn it.  A coworker tells me 
that Perl will not work for what I am trying to do however, I think Perl 
would be a great tool to use and  I feel this coworker is wrong.
I have a file that contains several lines all as below:
DR03555{tab}    45600062888{tab}     00008FLAT WASHER
DR03555{tab}    228765329{tab}        00001GASKET

The meaning of the file is
DR03555 = order number
45600062888 = part number
00008 = quantity
FLAT WASHER = Description

The lines all begin with the prefex DR  I would like to read this file and 
produce the following output:

45600062888;8;FLAT WASHER

basiclly I need a file that lists the following:  Part#;Quantity;Description

Is this possible with Perl?

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