[boulder.pm] another outing of some kind?

Jonathan Conway rise at frii.com
Sat Dec 30 01:34:54 CST 2000

On Thu, 28 Dec 2000, Walter Pienciak wrote:

> Anyone interested in an after-work or weekend hike?  I'm thinking
> maybe something around the south end of the Mesa Trail, which
> has a moderate grade and some excellent views.

Sounds good to me. That area tends to dry out before most of the Flatirons
trails so we shouldn't have to deal with too much muck. Any of the above
works as far as timing (as does during the day now that I'm working from
home and have more flexibility in scheduling).

> 1.  I haven't seen a buffed uberfitness type yet.  NO high-altitude
>     training or specific aerobic capacities required  ;^)  Just a bunch
>     of people out walking.

I can certainly corroborate this. Pacing is somewhere between slow and
optional (possibly because you have to keep your breath for the

> 2.  Conversation topics tend to be the same Perl/geek wandering-thread
>     type of conversation you'd expect elsewhere.

Sigh, so much for the aura of sanctity surrounding these events.

> 3.  Sekrit 3733t stuph is ALWAYS imparted.

Ooh, nice recovery. :0
I seem to remember something about the undocumented -DWIM command line
argument that'll clean up most logic errors and such. I'd have never found
it on my own.

> Ob-Perl:  Lincoln Stein has a new book just out on network programming
> in Perl -- along the lines of the Stevens book apparently.  It is barely
> possible, based on an e-mail I got from its editor, that I'll get one to
> review.  I'll keep you posted.

Cool. I've been looking forward to this book for a while, but I haven't
seen any reviews of it.


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