[Belfast-pm] OT: Web developers?

Simon McCartney simon at asidua.com
Tue Mar 30 16:18:07 CST 2004

OK, so we've all dabbled in HTML/CSS etc, but are any of you out there 
artisticly any good?

Can anybody recommend any companies or freelancers who are artisticly 
good and can develop with *nix backends in mind?

Doesn't have to be perl, could be PHP or even Python, but this is a Perl 


PS Asidua aren't looking for people, this is a personal request on 
behalf of a friend..


-simonm (E: simon at asidua.com W: +44 28 9072 5060 M: +44 7710 836915)
But Marge, sign posts are just like speed limits, they're only a suggestion.

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