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Wed Sep 4 04:12:00 CDT 2002

On Wed, Sep 04, 2002 at 02:46:53AM +0100, Mark Harrigan wrote:
> I'm considering learning Perl and would like some recommendations on
> what books would be good to start with.

The Camel Book, "Programming Perl", Wall et al, O'Reilly and Associates.
It'll skin you £30 odd though. You can find all that information in the
online perldocs [0] and tutorials though, or at least enough to get you
up and running.

> I'm aiming to learn it for use in web programming ie mod_perl so any
> books that concentrated on that would be good. Or should I just learn it
> in a general way with something like Programming Perl and apply that to
> my web design ideas?

I'd start with CGI programming before diving into mod_perl. Once you're
used to it, then read The Guide [1] and see what the caveats are for
mod_perl programming compared to CGI, and learn the interfaces.

> If it's of any use I've learnt a bit of Perl already but only really
> basic stuff.(Chapter one of Learning Perl sort of thing and that was a
> while ago) I'm competant in C and C++ programming and can bash out some
> VB if forced to at uni.:)

You can probably write your C programs, the slap a perl shebang line on
them and they'll generally Do What You Mean...

[0] 'perldoc perl' will give you a list of relevant pages
[1] used to link directly to it, but I think it
moved. I think it is at
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