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Mon Jun 10 08:17:07 CDT 2002

On Mon Jun 10 12:33:50 2002, Scott McWhirter wrote:                                             
> I'm looking for the fastest and decently secure way of generating one                         
> way crypt for use with Apache::AuthCookie. Michael Schout recommends MD5                      
> hex for this but i was just wanting a litle input... not that it matters                      
> in OO but for future reference it would be handy to know.                                     
Before answering your question I will demonstrate my pedantry by stating                        
that "one way crypt" is actually not encryption at all: it is "hashing".                        
Using a popular hashing algorithm is best, so I would also recommend                            
MD5; the only other serious contender would be SHA.                                             
I prefer encoding the hash in base64 rather than hex since the resulting                        
string is shorter.                                                                              
What are you planning to use this for?                                                          
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