Tony Bowden tony at
Mon Jun 10 04:10:10 CDT 2002

On Sun, Jun 09, 2002 at 04:09:50PM +0100, Stray Toaster wrote:
> Suggestions on a postcard, finishing the phrase 'Why Marc is such an
> idiot...' in less than 200 words, or one sheet of A4 paper, if you use a
> crayon.

I fear we would need a much more expressive language than English to fit
an answer of any sufficiency into less that 200 words...

Anyway, unless this rain is very quickly replaced by scorching sunshine
I think the barbeque is probably a non-runner. The grass was already
pretty damp from yesterday's rain and I doubt most people remembered to
pack their wellies.

And the pool is b0rken :(



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