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Russell Matbouli russell-belfast-pm at futureless.org
Thu Jun 6 04:10:16 CDT 2002

On Thu, Jun 06, 2002 at 12:26:45AM +0100, Andrew Wilson wrote:
> Haven't heard any more about the alleged barbeque[-1], which is supposed to
> be happening this Monday night.  Is anyone except Steve and me[0]
> interested?

I want to go, assuming it's in the evening [0] :)

> Come on people look lively.  Post declaring your undying love of all
> things barbequed.  And yes, You *shall* go to the ball!

Is it still BYOBAV [1]?

> Seriously though, we need numbers for this or we can't buy stuff to
> cook.  So, get your apethetic arses in gear and tell us that you intend
> to go, or there'll be weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth[1].

Did people reply to this on BLUG?

> [-1] Bar-Be-Que, whatever.


> [0] I know this is right, but years of brainwashing makes me feel queasy
> and think it should be Steve and I.

Who brainwashed you incorrectly? How to check is to drop the "Steve and"
(or whoever it might be) and make sure that parses...

I just noticed the topic. *groan*

[0] Might interrupt my World Cup watching... Great game yesterday, by
the way. Ireland should have beat them... [2]
[1] Bring your own bottle and veggies
[2] World Cup is always on topic :^)
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