Bar-Be-Queing Lurkers

Andrew andrew at
Wed Jun 5 19:11:24 CDT 2002

I've just been asked if the Barbeque is only open to "regulars" or if
lurkers will be welcomed.  Since I set the reply-to and the message only
came to me, I'm assuming that was intended.  However, since one person
has asked, others may be wondering.  So, I'm also bouncing most of my
reply to the list.

We're a fairly open and hopefully welcoming society.  As far a I'm
concerned, if you're subscribed to the list, you're a member of

You will be welcome at the Barbeque, as will any other lurkers.  In fact
I'm sure all of the regulars will be delighted to see you.  You just
have to let us know you're coming :-)  It will of course cost you the
standard amount, whatever that is.  I'm sure Karen will sort out exactly
how much that is for us, being much more organised than most of us.

On that subject, Karen asked how much people want to spend on this, but
no-one (including me) answered her question.  Anyone care to suggest a
suitable figure?


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