Odd Apache::AuthCookie error

Marty Pauley marty+belfast-pm at kasei.com
Tue Jul 23 06:03:03 CDT 2002

On Sat Jul 20 06:12:34 2002, Scott McWhirter wrote:
> hello all,
> I'm getting this odd error:
> [Sat Jul 20 05:48:50 2002] [error] access to / failed for 
> paravel.narnian.org, reason: PerlSetVar 'Scott::Session::AuthLoginScript' 
> not set
> Thing is i have this in my apache config:
>     PerlModule Scott::Session::Auth
>     PerlSetVar ScottPath /
>     PerlSetVar ScottLoginScript /login
>     PerlSetVar ScottSecure 0
>     PerlSetVar ScottDomain .mygig.co.uk
>     PerlSetVar ScottCache 0
>     PerlSetVar ScottExpires +7d

You haven't shown us all the relevant configuration.  In particular,
you have omitted the AuthName and AuthType directives.

I suspect that you have

        AuthName Scott::Session::Auth

somewhere; you should have

        AuthName Scott

> Anyone have any ideas or have they seen this before? It just started to
> happen randomly after a restart to load changes to another virtualhost.

Why do you think rendomness was involved?

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