The Next Meeting.

Marty Pauley perl at
Wed Jun 20 05:37:54 CDT 2001

On Tue Jun 19 20:36:23 2001, Stray Toaster wrote:
> The agenda is as follows:
> Mr. M. Pauley talking about:
> Template::Toolkit
> the perl debugger

I'll do the first two, but someone else (Marc?) is doing the debugger.

> Interspersed in this will be a dialogue on the pros and cons of
> Inline::**, and the trouble you can have when you start to confuse 80x86
> and MIPS in your head and code in Inline::ASM.

Sounds like fun.  I have some interesting examples of Inline C.

> Price of admission is chocolate. For Marty. Or the good of the group.

He's not joking.  If you don't bring chocolate, bad thing will happen.

> As this is Marty giving the talks, hecklers are more than welcome.

Although hecklers should bring extra chocolate.

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