Perl vacancy in Bristol

Andrew McGregor Andrew.McGregor at
Fri Apr 25 06:59:29 CDT 2003


FYI The role has changed slightly to a more senior position and may be 
more suitable for some people.

Hope to see some of you this Tues/Wed.


As discussed, the role is now a more senior Perl development position. 
The core aspects of the position are a strong technical understanding of 
code. The individual will be merging and matching files, variable 
inserts/texts, changing files to pdf's and then to emails, and drawing 
charts and graphs. They will have to be comfortable reading code. They 
will be working on commerical projects with large customers that would 
last between 6 and 18 months, and take full responsibility with the 
client as well as mentoring junior members of the development team.

It is now paying between 20 and 25K, with  a good ball-park figure being 
around £23,000 for someone with roughly 3 years Perl development 
experience.. They are looking to arrange first round interviews for next 

Mark Anderton
Best International Group,
Howard House,
Queens Avenue,
Tel : 0117 945 9000
Fax : 0117 945 9090
Mobile : 07855 329265           
Email : manderton at

Andrew McGregor wrote:

> "My Bristol-based client requires a relatively junior developer to 
> join their Perl programming team. You will be merging files, producing 
> programme solutions, and therefore 1-2 years commercial experience of 
> Perl development is essential. Good communication and team playing 
> skills are also a necessity"
> Any problems, please let me know. If you can ask interested people to 
> give me a call on 0117 945 9000, or email me on 
> manderton at
> Andrew McGregor wrote:
>> Hello World,
>> If I point a recruitment agent to this list will I get loads of abuse 
>> from the regular readers* who don't want this list spammed, or would 
>> people prefer me to get a copy of the job spec and post it myself.  
>> Or is everyone blissfully employed?
>> Andy
>> * If there is such a person, as this list probably has one of the 
>> highest ratio of members to posters, in the world, ever.

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